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We Offer Faster & Cheaper
Delivery Than
The Others...
o o

Using our service lets people order deliveries online from their favorite local restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, and laundry and dry cleaning providers. And we deliver them to you faster and with less cost than those expensive and fee heavy phone app places.

We deliver just about anything!

Find your delivery

Daily essentials, delivered in minutes! From cleaning supplies, to dog food. We'll deliver almost anything!

Order with click

EASY ORDERING: Quick, convenient & free to order on any device.

We are very fast

Your One-Stop for Same Day Pickup & Delivery. Best Courier Service Delivery Rates


Order a delivery from anywhere, for almost anything, right here on the website! At anytime!

From cleaning supplies & over-the-counter medicine to food, drinks, electronics, baby essentials and more.

oWe are working 24/7, you can call us at any time (123)456-7890

How it works?

Register First

Simply complete the registration form and signup, so we know who you are.

Detail your profile

Tell us a bit about our new client and what we'll be delivery for you, or to you.

Book your delivery

Make payment for your delivery, or select a subscription package.


So What Exactly Is Same-Day Delivery?


Your one-stop shop for everything from food to dry cleaning.


Everything you need from weekday to weekend, delivered for only $7.95. Or subscribe to any option below that works for you and even get unlimited deliveries!

  • One Time Delivery

  • $7.95per
    • Delivery too, or from.
    • Anything under 35 lbs.
    • Pay online, No cash exchanges.
    • Additional $7.95 outside of city.

  • 1 Year Subscription

  • $379yr
    • Assumes 2 Deliveries Per Week.
    • More than 2 deliveries is $7.95 per.
    • Deliveries too and from.
    • Outside of city limits add $7.95

  • Unlimited Monthly Subscription

  • $99mo
    • Price based on 3 deliveries per week.
    • No additional charges past 3 deliveries.
    • Up to city limits, or additional $7.95 applies.
    • Terrific for commercial & businesses.

Follow Your
Shipment Via GPS